…and the band played on.

As I sit at my kitchen table, looking out at the wreckage my tornado son has done to the house, I find myself feeling empty.  It was just confirmed that Prince died today.

Prince.  Dead.  It doesn’t seem possible.  He’s in that class of musicians that appear to be immortal.



Last week I finally got to see Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.  First time.  To call it life changing is too small of a feeling.  That show, that band… it’s just overwhelming the power they have and how good they still are.  Bruce is 67.  He played almost 4 hours straight.  They made it look effortless and all consuming at the same time.  It was amazing.

As I watched the show, I thought of Bruce’s music and his contemporaries.  Artists on par with him that are still alive.  It’s a great yet short list.  Prince was most certainly on it.  In my musings I was thinking “How much longer can these guys be amazing?”  Really… How many more times will U2 tour?  Stones?  Bruce?  The real question is who will rise up?  Who will carry the torch?  Who will keep this great thing alive once they are gone?


It’s our job.  You and me.  We need to keep music important.  Make it mean something.  From the top down.  The next time you see someone playing music, stop and think how hard it really is.  There are no short cuts.  No App to do it for you.  Whether you hate what they are playing or hate how they are playing it, remember it takes courage to put yourself out there.  Make eye contact once in a while with the band.  Give them a thumbs up as you are walking out the door.  I can tell you from experience… it helps.  It matters.  Music is the soundtrack to our lives.  Keep it important.

So today, tomorrow or whenever you have the chance to be alone with your thoughts, put on Sign O’ the Times and say goodbye to one of the greats.


You have always been my favorite.