Pat Buzzard love Jurassic kittens

Are you experienced?

So, yes,  that is a picture from an actual gig.  I turned black and white.  Had a white fluffy kitten perched on my shoulder while being attacked by a dinosaur.  That’s the kind of things you miss when you don’t come out to the Pat Buzzard Experience!

Did another Warrior Dash this past weekend.  Great fun.  Talk about an idea I wish I had come up with.  “Gimme a hunnerd bucks.  Here’s yer t-shirt.  Now, run like hell through the woods and swim in the pond!”  I do love doing them though!buzzardWD2

So you all subscribe to my podcast, right?  Wait…  You don’t?  Let’s fix that up right now right HERE.  It’s called Rock and Roll Book Club.  Me and my friends Chuck Johnson, Ryan Smith and Mark Dantzer read rock biographies and discuss them in 30 humorous, insightful and gosh darn it, entertaining minutes of the best darn monthly podcast money can buy!  That is my opinion, of course, but that doesn’t mean not it’s true!  That being said, the Columbus Dispatch (A real newspaper!) sent a reporter and a photographer (A REAL News Team!!) to watch us record and wrote a real story in the paper about us.  It was super cool and they were so awesome to do that.  #614awesome  Read the article right HERE.

Come see me play guitar this week.  It’ll be neat!  I have a new hat!!!  Make your plans HERE.

buzzardpointdownI am also very happy to announce that the newsletter you subscribe to… what?  You’re not a subscriber?  Let’s fix that right down THERE.

You were always my favorite,