Back to the FUTURE Day!!

In 1989 I was a student at Clarion University of Pennsylvania.  Life was good!

I knew where all the good keggers were and I had been taught the awesomeness of Sheetz.  Sheetz, if you don’t know, is a gas station/sandwich shop/snack food destination that in my humble opinion, has no rival.  No Rival.

Back to 1989!  I was just learning to play guitar and had started playing gigs* and I was pretty sure I was gonna be a rock star.  When you start you career off playing for free draft beer in basement parties you know you are destined for greatness!  Sure…  we would bring all of our gear and guitars and spend hours setting up.  For Free Beer!  Which, couldn’t have cost more than four bucks at the door (help me out Mike Buser!) but … it was all worth it!

I cut my entertainers teeth in those smokey basement parties.  About half of my Pub set-list is songs I learned way back then.  Granted, no one asks for ‘Jane Says’ anymore but back then it was a hot ticket item!

I remember watching Back To The Future II in the tiny one screen theater (it might have had 2 screens… but that was it!) and the whole ‘October 21, 2015 time travel’ thing was so cool and seemed fairly believable.  I know I wanted a hover board when I was walking out of the theater.  I just couldn’t believe how old I was gonna be.  If I even made it!

FullSizeRenderWell… I made it, you little punk.  45 is not as old as I thought I was going to be either!  I mean, the math is right, I just thought I would be acting a lot older these days.   Ole Doc Brown, Marty and me… we all made it.

I think the pic on the header is from a Basement Show at a place we all called The Mustard House.  Because it was mustard colored…  The parties were epic and the memories are hazy.

Took the new band The Buzzard Kings for a test drive last week and I was very pleased how it all came together.   These fine folks thought we were one of the best bands they had seen all night! Look for more shows soon!

Only a few acoustic shows left this month so get out to see them!  Maybe I’ll play ‘Jane Says!’  Sign up for the newsletter!  It’ll be great!


You have always been my favorite,




*This always reminds me of a great musician joke:  Little Timmy went to his first acoustic guitar lesson and when he got home his dad asked him how it went.  He said it was great and he learned a G chord.  The next week after his lesson his dad asked him the same thing and he said,  “It was great!  I learned a D chord!”  The next week, little Timmy was hours late.  When he finally got home he said “Where were you?  Did your lesson go late??”  Little Timmy said, “No, I skipped it.  I had a gig.”   Story of my life, Timmy.  Story of my life.Image-1