Just a little East of Boulder

“I wanted to work in the ski resorts as a ski instructor during the day and be the Cable-knit Sweater Guitar Guy in the pubs at night that made all the ladies swoon. It was gonna be glorious….”

New Places!!!!

This week I’ll be at two new spots for the music making.  First one is Harry Buffalo in Columbus, Ohio tomorrow night!  I’ll be playing there pretty regularly all summer long so mark it on your map! Friday June, 5th I travel to exotic Dayton, Ohio with my gang The Rice Brothers to Dublin Pub.  Going to be a seriously good …

Accidental Merch or WWBMD?

So, I am not a great self promoter. I try. I really do. This website is the end result of years of tying to telepathically tell people where I am (is? was? Damn you grammar!) scheduled to play some musical tunes. I am even worse at a show… If I am solo, I rarely even say my name. The whole “Hey folks! I’m Pat Buzzard! I sing the songs and such! Come see me do it in other places!”

I wish I was more better (Take that grammar! Ha!) at that, but I’m not. So to solve this particular dilemma, I do as I often do, I turn to my spirit guide and think “What Would Bret Michaels Do?”