Another Pat Buzzard selfie at 10 News Columbus

Breakfast in my basement

buzzardbreakfastHot diggity dog…  I have been SUPER busy for the last three weeks!  It’s a good thing though.  It’s the kind of busy I like.  Playing sweet gigs and recording new tunes.  All awesome stuff!

This morning I finally get to sit down with the old laptop and play a little catch up.  Thought I would drop the needle on on of my favorites… Supertramp: Breakfast in America while I was having my coffee with you.  Cool right!  We are having breakfast together!

So, you have been asking and emailing me about when this “record” will be available “if” it will be available.  First off, that is AWESOME that you want to know!  Second, it will be right here on the web site.  As a bonus it will be pretty darn affordable.  You might want to buy two!  The record will be under the name Rocketship-One.  It’s me and my friends making some cool rock songs for the love of it.  You’re gonna love it too.  Give me about a month and you can get your grubby little mitts on it!


The Dublin Irish Festival was this past weekend and it was in a word: Awesome.  Such an amazing event that is great fun for both bands and audience.

If you missed it, we will be at the Pittsburgh Irish Festival Sept 12th and 13th.  Another fantastic festival we look forward to every year!

Oh Yeah!  I was on the news too!  I got busted taking a selfie…  It’s ok.  I will recover!

Ok kids, huddle up!  I’m gonna get real on you for a minute.

For the past several years I have taken part in an event called Inspire the World Day.  It is exactly as it sounds.  A positive day all about fitness (I need some more of that!) dealing with the pressures of the daily grind, strength of spirit, mind and body.  From the speakers to the classes to the workouts, it is the kind of day I wish I had more often.

The event has given me the opportunity to do experimental music.  I get to create live soundscapes while hundreds of people do a yoga practice in front of me.  It is so cool… I really can’t describe it well enough to do justice.

Plus it is all for charity.

You leave the event feeling good (maybe a little sweaty) and recharged.  It is put on by ONE Woman.  Julie Wilkes.  She is amazing in every possible meaning of the word. Help me, help her change the world.  Go HERE and follow what she does and when something catches your eye… go to it.

New spot this week plus I reunite with my old buddies The Incredible Awesome Brothers.  Check it out HERE.


You were always my favorite,