Come On In!

Thanks for checking out the site!  This has been a long time coming and I am extra pleased to be finally live… or open… or whatever it is exactly that websites do.

My name is Pat Buzzard.  It says so on the website so it must be me.  I live in Columbus, OH.  I like coffee.  I play guitar, sing songs and other creative type things.  I’m kinda funny… sometimes.  That’s the basics.   I play music in various bands and scenarios.  THAT is what this is all about.  By far, the most asked question I get is, “Where are you playing?” and I usually mumble something about Book-Face or Tweester.  When asked if I have a website I say “Uuuuuuuuuuuh…..”  or something witty like that.  So now, you can get all of your Pat Buzzard news and information in one easy stop!  I will still be on the social medias and Instantly Gramming but right here is where you can get the skinny.  The low down.  The inside line.  The pulse.  The buzz….  You get the point.

The site will be growing quickly with lot’s of fun stuff coming your way… for free!  Sign up for the newsletter.  It’s a letter.  With news!  Also FREE!  This is really a bargain, folks, at any price!

You’ve always been my favorite,