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BuzzBulletIt’s not hard to talk about records these days.  Well… when I was a kid that’s what we called them.  Now it’s called vinyl, the black plastic grooved disc full of music, spoken word,  jokes… or anything.

Pat Buzzard has SuperTramp for breakfast

Pat Buzzard has SuperTramp for breakfast

I recently got on the vinyl bandwagon.  I was given a turn table and needed some stuff to play on it.  So I headed out to a used record store and had a blast!  I have never been a music collector.  My music has always been the ‘tech of the day.’  The first music I bought on my own was cassette.  Vinyl was still around but I didn’t have a record player in my room so… there you go.  Then it was CD’s then MP3’s and now… well let’s be honest, not many people actually buy music anymore.  The streaming sites have made it, sadly,  unnecessary.    Then vinyl got popular again.  Not that it will ever be what it was, but, it is cool to see a wide mix of people in record stores.  Vinyl has come back in the lime light because there is a specialness about playing a record.  Something fragile.  You have to be careful, you have to respect it or it won’t play.  Maybe someday that feeling will spread towards musicians and music.  Maybe someday it will be special again.


2015-01-30 11.02.30-1I was recently asked by Mr. Eric French of NPR’s WOSU to be a guest on his new show Pop Columbus and discuss my vinyl buying habits.  If you missed it you can still check it out! CLICK HERE

I just added a TON of new dates and WAY WAY WAY more to come!

Merry Christmas and come see me soon!  I miss you!


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