Haaaaaaappy Birthdaaaaay!!!

Life is funny.  The things that you think are a safe bet don’t work out and the off the wall “just doing this because I like it” projects get legs and a life of there own.  My most recent lesson on “follow your instincts, you dolt!” would be the Rock and Roll Book Club.

Two years ago my friend, Mark Dantzer (not to name drop, but he is a Columbus, OH celebrity!  I know people.)  asked me if i would be interested in joining his book club that he was starting.  The concept was simple.  The group picks a biography based on the music biz.  Then we read it and talk about it over coffee once a month.  I, up until that point, had NEVER read a music biography.   I have been a professional musician for a long time.  Worked my way up the ladder… and back down the ladder.  I just didn’t want to read about my heroes or even worse guys I hated, talking about how successful they have been.  It’s already a tough pill to swallow when you don’t get to where you wanted to go with your dreams …  buzzardindyI just didn’t need reminded that I didn’t “make it.”  But, I did it anyways.  Mark is pretty convincing.

So we start reading, drinking coffee and meeting.  To my surprise, I loved it.  Like… a lot.  I was completely wrong on how the books would “rub salt in the wound” of my career.  Plus I have gotten a great appreciation for artists I would not have ever cared about and there are a few I like substantially less after the book.  I also have noticed that some books I didn’t care for at the time might swirl around in my noodle for a while then I realize… I like them.  The most famous would be my much publicized feud with Graham Nash over his book Wild Tales.  Turns out, a year later,  I actually liked it.  I just didn’t care for the tone that I was implying on the narrative.  So here, in front of the world, I apologize to Mr. Nash.  I’m sorry Graham, it is my  hope we can mend fences and move on.

Rock&RollBookClub - 6-23-2015-8Back to the RnRBC!  We decide we are going to throw our hats in the ring and try a podcast.  Mark and I are huge fans of Marc Maron’s WTF among others and thought this could be fun!  Thankfully we have Mr. Chuck Johnson and Mr. Ryan Smith in our group as well.  They handle all the tech.  If it sounds good, its because of those two cats.

That all started a year ago.  In that time we have built up a small but mighty fan base, started to learn a thing or two about social media and algorithms,  had correspondence with the authors, pissed off an author, been featured on NPR, gotten a few sponsors, had a lengthy article done on us in the Columbus Dispatch and had a lot of fun!  This next year has some fantastic things already in motion.  We will be making an announcement soon.  Gonna be coooool!2015-10-12 10.26.41

Our anniversary episode #13 is on the book Life by Keith Richards.  Check it out by clicking right HERE.  If you like it then share it.  Tell people about it.  Help us grow.  My thanks in advance to all of you!

Adding new shows THIS WEEK!  So check back often and make you plans!  Don’t forget to subscribe!

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