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Image (3)Early September.  When the chill gets in the air, it just feels like a football game.  For many years after my gridiron glory… well… maybe not glory, I would get nostalgic on these nights.  Wishing I was suiting up and getting ready.  Listening to CCR on cassette play  Run through the Jungle on my Walkman.  Shout out to EBHS Bulldogs!  Ok.  I still miss those days but my playing days are long behind me.  These days I get nostalgic for my band.


If you don’t know, I met a girl with a boy’s name about 16 years ago and we were instant best friends (and we still are btw!)  Marti and I  put together a band full of friends called Saving Jane and set our sights high.  We did alright.  We did pretty damn alright.   Our first real break came in the form of tailgating.  What?  Yep.Image (2)

The Morning Zoo with Dave and Jimmy on WNCI is one of the best morning shows in the country on one of the best Top40 stations in the country.  Believe me, I know, I’ve been on most of them!

Well, they liked us and gave us a shot at being their Buckeye Bash band.  What that meant was every OSU home game we played in front of about 4,500 people.

Yeah, that was as awesome as it sounds, there were a few things that were not though.  6am load in.  Damn that sucked.  Mainly because we usually played the night before until about 330am and then with the attitude of “I don’t want to sleep in so… might as well keep this party going!” we would show up backstage rough.  Real rough.  Like, hanging on to my cigarette for dear life, rough.  Like, still clutching my BudLite Pounder wearing sunglasses, rough (don’t worry Badger drove the van!)

Most of the time it was just cold but, by the time November would roll around you could add snowing and/or raining. None of that mattered.  Once the stage lights hit you and the amps fired up and Marti’s voice cut through that 7am brisk air…  It was…  Well, it’s something I’ll never forget.

I’m glad Football season is here, but it makes me miss my team.

Image (1)

Marti, Jon Chinn and I wrote this song and she put a the pictures to it.  It’s a snapshot of where those tailgates took us.  Click HERE to watch and listen.


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Thursday, September 3, 2015 Staas Brewing Company Songwriter Series at Upper Arlington Library