Make sure you get my good side!

So, if you remember last week I promised some big announcements.  Well, I remembered that I need to make some big announcements… like now… Dang it!  Surely I can come up with something!!!  Right??

So here it is:

Ibuzzardcoolhat will be a Featured Artist on a tv show!  WHAT?  Yep.  PBS does a show called Songs at the Center.  Check it out by clicking HERE.  I will be one of 3-4 songwriters on one episode.  We will be filming said episode in two days!  What do I wear??  I don’t know the air date yet but I will keep you all posted.  That is a promise!!

Other announcements you ask?  Well… let’s see…  Oh yeah!  The primary recording for my new record The Capital Sessions is completed.  Now the magic part of mixing and mastering.  This process is done by wizards in a giant tower in Mordor.  You can’t rush them or they will turn you into a toad or a buzzard… wait a minute….  Anyways,  I am VERY excited for all of you to hear the new stuff.  As soon as I get it I will start dubbing cassettes for everyone.  Then we can all Rollerblade with our Walkmans on, jamming the tunes!  It’ll be neato!buzzardvoxtrax

Another announcement next week!  Gonna be rad!


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You have always been my favorite,