Next weekend has some pretty big shoes to fill!

private party

I’m just gonna say it: This weekend kicked ass.

Thursday Night:

Flanagan’s Tavern was great!  Met a bunch of cool folks and we were almost out on the patio.  Soon little Buzzards… Soon.

Friday Night:

Private event where I met these lovely young ladies.  They said “Usually the entertainment at these things is just awful.  You’re not terrible at all!”  You hear that folks?  Pat Buzzard:  He’s not terrible… at all.

warriorSaturday Morning:

Loaded up the BuzzMobile with snacks and my friend A.D. and hit the Warrior Dash in Millfield,OH.  Crazy early… Like…I picked her up  at 5:45.  In the MORNING??  Yeah.  Aside from that it was a blast.  I’m am fairly sure I won.  When I say ‘fairly sure’ I mean ‘Not At All’ btw.

Saturday Night:

The Rumba Cafe show with my friend Kyle Cook.  The Main Event!  The Show Of The Month!!!

Some shows are everything you hoped they would be.  Some shows suck.  This show goes in the vault of one of my top 5 of All Time.  Rarely do you get to play a room where you and the audience are connected from the first note.  This was one of those nights.  Kyle’s fans are a group of music lovin’ awesomeness.  One of them gave me cookies.  Did you hear what I’m saying?  I got cookies for guitar-ing some songs.  It’s things like that that give me hope for the future.   All of you who I got to meet were both fantastic and inspiring to me.  The crowd was electric and it was the kind of night to do a show.  I mean… Judas Priest was playing right next door!  I was still on a high from winning my race (i didn’t really win…) and to get an opportunity to share the stage with such an amazing and accomplished musician was truly my honor.

I’ll be adding shows today.  Get ready to plan your whole summer!

You’ve always been my favorite,