Ok… seriously, what the hell are you drinking?

My friends!  I hope you February has started the way you hoped.  I know there is always a lot of pressure what to wear on Groundhog’s Day.  Plus, where to go??  Maybe GHD2017 will be different and you will have a cool place to go and get dressed up?  I guess we will see 🙂

uglymugTonight,Thursday February 4th, I will be at The Ugly Mug in Canal Winchester.  Its a great place with killer food.  The extra special part is I have teamed up with my friend of many years, Angel,  to do a few shows and it has really become something special.  If you get time and are close by, come on out and see Angels and Buzzards.  We do a bunch of songs I have never done before and It is a lot of fun!

IMG_0271Then February 5th I hitch it down (Over? Across? ) to Dayton, OH with my gang The Rice Brothers.  We are tuning up for another Super Spring with a record release and fantastic shows for the St. Patrick’s Day festivities!

So I packed on a few pounds this fall.  Like a bunch.  I decided that I have been on this particular roller coaster too long.  I have taken my health for granted for too long.  I have a history.  When I like something, I like it a lot.  Too much.  The reason I don’t drink is because there was a time when I was headed down the wrong path.  The reason I don’t smoke anymore is because I want to see what tomorrow brings and I want to enjoy today.  So I made some drastic changes.  I am not a moderation person.  All or nothing.  So that has lead to me drinking my Green Drink.  If you don’t want to know what’s in it, don’t ask.  Know this though, I invented it myself and i freaking love it!   It’s not Soylent Green either so stop asking me!  

Off Saturday and then GRILLED WINGS on Sunday.  Enjoy the big game and come out and see me soon!!


You have always been my favorite,