Pat Buzzard news??? Yes! So cool!

Some shows are up on the webz and more are coming.  It’s going to be a busy rocking summer.  I expect to see all of you, yes even you, at the shows.

I want to send a shout out to all my new friends from the Kyle Cook @stalkingkyle show this past Saturday.  You are all great and I’m even learning how to do the tweeting with you guys!  Totally cool!

A gigantic shout out to my man pRODUCT running the camera at the show.  Any cool picture on this site that is cool, was done by him.  He is a bad ass and he is for hire! @product614  Check him out, follow him with the tweets.  It’ll make ya cooler!

If you want to book me for… well… a lot of different stuff!  Here is how ya do that.