Pat McSkull, at your service

campfirecoffeeSo this past weekend i went Off The Grid for a few days.  What does that mean you ask?  Well for me it was a 17 mile kayak trip and several days of hiking and camping.  I was in Kentucky so I listened to a bunch of Earl Scruggs, which is pretty awesome.  I also listened to a bunch of My Morning Jacket.  Also, so very awesome, just in a much different way!  The trip was great and got a chance to clear my head and get ready for the fall.  IF everything goes as planned… it should be very exciting!  Stay tuned for cool announcements!

I like goofy pictures.  So I look through old ones all the time searching for gold to post.  This is from about a year ago when my nephew thought I should “Update My Look” and be a little more exciting.  Plus he changed my name.  Pat McSkull : Mustachioed, headband aficionado and mullet advocate.  At your service!patmcskull

My fall schedule has a lot of private shows and events.  I know you want to get out and rock with me so look on the schedule and subscribe to the newsletter (for any last minute show updates!)   We can even take some silly pictures, you know how much I love that!


You have always been my favorite,