It’s been a pretty good few days!

The musician life is a roller coaster.  You spend a lot of energy and time trying to “get some things to all line up.”   And most of the time… It doesn’t “…all line up.”

It can get in your head.  If you let it, it can drive you crazy when things you worked towards all fall apart.  They fall apart fairly often too!  But hey, I’m not boo hoo-ing here, I know the deal.  I know what I signed up for.  What I am saying is it is crazy cool when things do “…all line up.”

The last month or so, several things I have been working on have actually all lined up and I thought I would share with you!

buzzardSATC2On March 26th, I was one of the featured artists on the Nationally Syndicated  television show Songs at the Center hosted by songwriter (and all around great guy Eric Gnezda.)  I know, I talked about this before (click HERE) when we taped it but now, months later, seeing it on my tv …  well it was pretty damn cool.  If you want to watch it.  You know you want to 😉  If it helps make you want to watch,  I’m on the show with two incredibly talented, insanely beautiful and pretty darn funny ladies.  Marti Dodson (my old Saving Jane partner in crime) and Dianna Corcoran (Click HERE to support her and buy her record!!)   Watch it right HERE  and tell your friends!!

This past Friday, April 1st,  two awesome things happened.  First, my brother turned 44.  If you know me, then you know how important my brother is to me.  If you don’t know me, my brother means the world to me.  It wasn’t that long ago that some serious health problems put his life on the line.  I will never forget how dark the world seemed while he was fighting to live.  Let me tell you, my brother is one tough little dude.  He is back on his feet and it was amazing to see him on his 44th.

image1The other thing was my new band The Buzzard Kings made an official debut at the Dayton Racino.  We rocked out, had a great time, ate some seriously good pizza in the van and laughed a lot.  Stay tuned.  Some big news coming on that front.

4th annual music workshop at capitol university

4th annual music workshop at capitol university with RJD2!

Saturday April 2nd my new project, Blue Collar Musicians, was invited to do two workshops at Capital University (Thanks Neal!!). It was a fantastic event and we were honored to be included. We were brought in to discuss developing and executing strategies for getting you and your music noticed. Blue Collar Musicians Magazine will launch June 1st, if you have any interest check it out HERE.

Pat Buzzard at the Rice Brother's live DVD shoot

Pat Buzzard at the Rice Brother’s live DVD shoot

Then yesterday, my Irish/Folk band The Rice Brothers was listed as one of the “Local Columbus bands you should be listening to.”  It was humbling to be included on a list of such amazing bands.  Check out the whole thing right HERE!

2015-02-06 14.21.34This Friday I head down to my favoritest town to jam with my bestest.  Another reunion, I get to play guitar for my friend at the legendary Station Inn in Nashville, TN on Saturday.  You really want to road-trip.  I know you do.  Pack up and hit the Tin Pan South.  It’ll be awesome!!  Click HERE for more info.

And last but certainly not least…  I can’t give ANY details but let us just say, I was asked to be on a 2017 European tour.  With an artist you know.  I know you know them.  Everyone knows this artist.  More details coming soon.

So that counts as one of the best professional weeks of my life!  Come out and see me soon, great shows all spring and summer long!


You have always been my favorite,