Too Many Too’s

Hulk. Play. Songs.

Hulk. Play. Songs.

Last year was really an incredible year for me.  I set some goals.  I embraced the technology world a little more.  I made some steps forward that were all to set up 2016 to be an ever better year.  I want to reach a little higher this year.  Before I start trailblazing the new year, the first thing I am doing is thanking you.

I have been a part of some great bands over the years.  I was never the focal point on the bands though.  I don’t really have a good reason as to why not.  Maybe I thought I wasn’t good enough.  Maybe I thought I was too young (back then… not now!)  Maybe I think now I’m too old?  Too fat?  Too goofy?  Too Ohio?  Too simple?

If I just admit it, the truth is I have been too afraid.  I let it being afraid to fail steer my decisions.  Veer away from possibly being ‘seen’ instead of blending in.  Well the good news is I decided last year, that I just didn’t care if people laughed at me.  I decided I would quit worrying and start  doing. 

Guess what happened?  I met a lot of you.  You came to shows.  We talked and laughed.  I opened for national touring acts and you were there.  I played my songs (that I wrote all by my lonesome) in front of strangers and you were there.  I played music all over the country and you were there. I recorded a record and you were… actually you weren’t there for that.  Recording studios are small.  I was on television a couple times.  Every time something happened, you were there.  Helping me take the next step.  You taught me to just let go, and believe in yourself (even just a little!)  You told me to take some risks.  You told me to be a little more fearless.  Write about what’s in my heart.  And you were there… for all of it.

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So I am doing what you have encouraged me to do.  I have a LOT of music that will be available on this website very soon.  I don’t have a good timeline yet BUT it will be soon!


Thank you for everything, I will try my best to hold up my end of the bargain.


You have always been my favorite,