So… Somehow I missed an entire WEEK of my schedule when I was adding shows to the website calendar.  Or I was hacked by ninja robots.  Or Skynet… Or I just was too jittery from coffee in the middle of the night and I skipped the whole week!  That being said, THREE awesome shows this week!!!  Yeah.  That’s 3 exclamation points you see right there.  That’s just how cool they are!

Thursday:  The Barn with The Downtown Gentlemen.  It’s great fun and seats are VERY limited so get there early.buzzardmaneri

2015-02-06 14.22.47Friday: Flanagan’s is one of my favorite places to play.  Come see why.

Saturday: The Rumba Cafe is a GREAT venue that gets very good touring acts and I have been asked to support Daniel and the Lion for their show there.  It’s gonna be great.  I get a nice solo set to start the night off.  Contact me here for tickets and I can save you some dough.


I am certain I will see you at one of the shows.  Obviously.  If you make all three you get a Free Hug!


You have aways been my favorite,