These are my quiet pants.

I like being busy.  I like the adrenaline rush of  “Oh damn… how am I gonna get all this done??”  Well the last three weeks or so I have been an adrenaline junkie!  So much cool stuff and so many great shows!  Monster thanks to everyone who has been out rocking the patio awesomeness of summer!  Nice Work!

Pat Buzzard approved

Pat Buzzard approved

I spent a few days up on Lake Erie at Put-In-Bay playing some great shows at The Reel Bar and had an absolute blast!  Currently we are woking to get some more dates booked there before the end of summer.  I will keep you posted!

I am super excited about the recordings that got done this month.  Most of it was this week!  New studio tracks that will be available on this website very soon.  My rock and roll buddies Brandon Hagan, Jeremy Hunt and Neal Schmitt combined out powers to bring some more rock into the world Monday night.  When B got to my house he asked if i was wearing “…those pants?”   I said “These are my quietest pants.”  That seemed to be good enough reason to wear them!  Plus I recorded a live show I did opening for national touring act Daniel and the Lion.  It is being mixed as we speak.  That is something I will make available on the website too! “The whole show?” you ask.  “Maybe.” he smirks.  🙂


Pat Buzzard at the Rice Brother's live DVD shoot

Pat Buzzard at the Rice Brother’s live DVD shoot

I know this has been a lot to take in but… there is more.  “Whaaaaaaaat????” you ask.  “Yes.” he smirks.  My touring Irish band, The Rice Brothers Band, shot and recorded a LIVE DVD and album at our favorite spot Byrnes Pub.  That will be available this fall.  It’s gonna be great!


Pat Buzzard's fancy pants

Pat Buzzard’s fancy pants

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