Because, well… you know. This one might be the one.

If I had to sum up my music career in one word, it would be heartache.  Not that it’s been bad,  far from it actually.  I’ve had some great times and some really bad times.  So far it has been worth it.  Everyday it’s a struggle, though.  Every single time you risk having your heart broken.  Pat Buzzard

Musicians.  Artists.  They say we are emotional.  well…  we are!  We create.  We take these ideas… these fleeting moments in our heads.  Then turn it into something.  It’s a hard process to describe.  It starts with you hearing the perfect song in your head.  It might even just be a fragment of a song.  Then you have to remember it the best you can before you start writing it or recording it.  Because once you start chasing the song…  It starts running.

It’s a strange phenomenon, at least for me.  The second I pick up a guitar and try to capture the song… it starts to fade.  Then the harder I try to “learn” this new song from inside my head the more impossible it is to remember.

It’s a ghost now.  All you are left with is the fleeting memory of it’s greatness.  I try though.  I fight tooth and nail to remember.  I hang on for dear life trying to bring that song into the real world.  Why try so hard?

Because, well… you know.  This one might be the one.

The heartache comes from the let down.  After trying so hard to capture the song that you heard so amazingly clear.  Then fighting to keep that idea alive throughout the recording process.  Other session musicians who have different visions than yours.  Engineers and producers who have something else in mind.  You fight through this whole process to keep this song alive,  If only you could let them hear what’s in your head, then they would understand…  buzzardtape

Even after all of that, the time, money, energy and effort it takes to record it, then press it, then package it.  It is exhausting.   This whole thing started with a thought in your head.  Now it is something.

In my life, this is where the heartache comes in.  I put everything I had into it and for a few fleeting moments it mattered.  Then… something else mattered.

I have an E.P. coming out soon.  I made it with no ill advised fantasy of smashing the charts – Just some of my amazing friends doing what they do.   Playing their hearts out to some words I scribbled on some paper.   I really hope you like, but it’s ok if you don’t.  I’m used to the heartache.

I will always be afraid of still being that 22 year old kid with 700 C.D.’s in the bottom of my mom’s closet that no one wants… but I will never stop making them either.

Because, well… you know.  This one might be the one.  pRODUCT - Rock And Roll Book Club-16


You have always been my favorite,