You have to admit, this is kinda cool…

MatchBox20.  Maybe you’ve heard of them? Yeah, me too.  Kyle Cook is the lead guitar player and an all around awesome guy,  I have known Kyle for a long time now.  I believe we firsblogpic2t met in 1998 or so.  I am sure he doesn’t remember it, due to there being some  65,000 other people there as well.  I met him again in ‘o2-ish.  Again he probably doesn’t remember.  Again there was about 65 bazillion people there.  Again.  Then we met for real in about ’08 in Nashville and hit it off.  I was a big fan of MB20 but getting to know Kyle and his solo work was really exciting.  He isn’t just a great (and I mean GREAT) guitar player He sings like and angel, can play about any instrument you can think of and writes killer tunes.

You may ask yourself “Why is he writing about this stuff?”  Well, since you asked, Kyle is releasing a solo record and is doing some one off tour dates to support it.  One of those dates is in Columbus, OH (I live there!) and he is having Pat Buzzard open for him (Hey… That’s me!)


The show is May 16th at Rumba Cafe.  (click here for more info)  It is a great honor for me to open for someone who I have admired for a long time and is a good friend.  I would love to see you there.  If you can’t make that one, check me out at one of the other awesome places that I do the rocks and rolls.


You’ve always been my favorite,